We started it off with a simple 99 cent Metronome app for BlackBerry (three years ago when BlackBerry was king). Than we built a second app which was a Remote Desktop Protocol Client. We built some other apps and ported things to Android. We explored contract work from people who thought they had the next big idea. Than we had the opportunity to work as a contractor for a web start up company for about a year where lots was learned, mostly what not to do. Then took some time off and stepped back and thought about what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. A venerable professor and friend, from where I attended university, suggested we try our hand at educational mobile games. We started down this exciting new road. Presently we are striving to create a fun and addicting game with educational learning outcomes. Read more about Free The Balloon game development on the blog. This is simply the beginning... Stay tuned.

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