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Skip Count

with “The Teacher”

Free the captured balloons by blowing them through hoops in the right order. Skip-Count was designed to engage primary aged school children and teach a foundational math skill: skip counting! Skip-Count facilitates the learning of skip counting by: 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's, and 25's. The game has been validated and proven to teach the above math skills by an educational psychologist and elementary school teachers.

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Classic Metronome

This app started it all for us. Remember your piano top Metronome... Here it is again on Blackberry. This app has sound boost, which will be heard above piano or any other instrument during playing. Has a range from 40-220 beats a minutes. Also, this metronome app has three different sounds: cow bell, classic metronome, and beep.

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TS Gateway RDP Client

This is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Windows Client. RDP,  also known as Terminal Services, is the Microsoft Windows protocol that lets you remotely log-on and work at a computer as if you were seated at your local machine.

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