Team & Collaborators

Mark Fox

Developer, Game Designer & co-founder

John-Mark Ferguson

Game Designer, Artist & co-founder

Matthew Perttula

Vector Graphics & Level Design

Nathan Chernoff

Graphic Artist

Chris Perttula

Game Tester

Dr. David Carter

Educational Psychologist

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Forseti Digital Ltd. has evolved from a utility app company into an independent game studio striving to create transformative learning experiences.

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April 14, 2010

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Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada

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A Teacher on Free The Balloon


It all started with a simple 99 cent Metronome app for BlackBerry (three years ago when BlackBerry was king). Along our journey we have: created a Gateway enabled Remote Desktop Protocol Client, made a cadence trainer app, ported things to Android, engaged in contract work, explored other people’s grand ideas, learned a lot working at a web start-up company, and built a not-for-profit app to fight world hunger. After taking serious time off to evaluate where to go, serendipity struck via a venerable professor and friend who suggested we develop educational games. He thought we could add real value to kid’s education around the world. This is our new venture.

Free The Balloon

Free the captured balloons by blowing them through hoops in the right order. Free The Balloon was designed to engage primary aged school children and teach a foundational math skill: skip counting!

Free The Balloon facilitates the learning of skip counting by: 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's, and 25's. The game has been validated and proven to teach the above math skills by an educational psychologist and elementary school teachers!

Navigate the Balloon through the four seasons while dodging falling icicles, lightning, swooping birds, and other things trying to stop the balloons from being freed! 35 levels and counting (more levels to come). Play and learn. Earn coins and buy updates and new chapters.

This learning outcome is standard on primary education curricula around the world!

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Free The Balloon

Free The Balloon Trailer


  1. Help kids learn skip counting around the world!

  2. Successfully commercialize the game to grow an educational game studio and produce a series of educational games for mobile devices.

  3. To heavily subsidize the Free The Balloon in educationally poor countries by purchases in educationally rich regions.

Educational Psychologist on Free The Balloon

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